CCILU Footwear comes from a dot / a singularity; then proliferates and liberates.
CCILU Footwear dives into the future and minimizes the surrounding noise.
CCILU Footwear will TURN ON your desire of being out of the norm.

The founder of the CCILU Footwear started as a banker but took a giant leap to leave his comfort zone right at the peak of his career. With a background in Science and Mathematics, he was undeterred and tapped on his knowledge to become an award-winning shoe designer. A small shoe stand on the streets soon became an international brand selling into five continents. 

Resilient to the surrounding noise and disturbances, CCILU Footwear is focused on moving forward and dives into the future. Just like the dots, the numbers and the equations in the financial world stimulate the senses; the material, the colors and the technology of each pair of CCILU footwear turns on the senses. Futuristic design is fused with futuristic technology – CCILU footwear inspires each singularity to liberate beyond the horizon.


Each pair of CCILU Horizon footwear has a sole that is created with 102 completely independent and highly resilient-rebound CCILUCELL dots. The most technologically advanced footwear compound is most nimble with the optimal outsole design. The barefoot comfort is the essence of the futuristic sneaker. The CCILU Horizon series is the epitome of design-comfort footwear in the universe. 

CCILU Footwear has just launched their Spring / Summer 2017 “Horizon” collection, which has been born out of intense planning and continuous development for the last two years. The black and white outsole design of this collection bears the legendary “ICHIMATSU MOYO” pattern which historically was an elite fashion symbol in the golden age of Japanese history. It is a beautiful coincidence that this illustrious pattern has been adopted by the Tokyo Olympics Committee to be the official logo of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.