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CCILU-About Us


Launched in 2011, this award-winning lifestyle brand is now sold in more than 60 countries, with 40+ Ccilu stores in Asia and a permanent presence established in North America, under the Ccilu USA banner. Via its sponsorship of the World of Dance live competition tour, and partnerships with PGA TOUR, Swarovski, and Warner Bros, Ccilu Footwear is expanding its footprint in the USA and worldwide. "Ccilu" (CHEE-loo) means "liberate" in Japanese, and “liberate yourself” is our call to action, a reminder that we each have the power to defy limitations. For Ccilu, this means bringing our creativity and independent spirit to footwear evolution, thanks to Ccilu Footwear’s revolutionary technologies. These have evolved from comfort, fashion and function, to wellness and sustainability: in 2019, Ccilu unveiled XpreSole, a revolutionary technology that converts spent coffee grounds into sole material, reducing harmful methane emissions. www.Ccilu.com


With colors, styles and materials shout fun, it would be natural to imprint ourselves as a lifestyle brand. And yet, to fully understand the Ccilu brand philosophy, you must know how style and technology live side by side, without limits. Our emphasis on liberation would lose meaning if we did not encourage our designers to give their imaginations free reign. For us, innovation drives development on every front, something our loyal and growing fan base appreciates.

“Art and science are meant to intersect,” says CEO/Founder Wilson Hsu, who earned a degree in Mathematics and an MBA, and left a successful banking career to design footwear. “These values are universal, and with consumers in the US now embracing us, we’ve truly become a global brand.”


“For the 19th Hole and Beyond.” The new PGA TOUR Collection by Ccilureflects the individualism, energy and pursuit of excellence shared by men and women, on and off the golf course. PGA TOUR has been reaching beyond the core golf fan to attract new and diverse segments to the sport. This Collection speaks to a new generation of golf enthusiasts, and to a growing audience that’s excited, open and full of energy, just like us.

Rovmia, the first product from Ccilu’s new footwear collection enriched with Swarovski® crystals, also features Ccilu’s award-winning Stepping Stones technology. We anticipated a positive reaction, but the combination surpassed our expectations, quickly selling out. The Rovmia, and much more, will soon be available worldwide, spanning sandals, sneakers and boots, all embellished with crystals from Swarovski®.

From Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Aquaman, to Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, and Peanuts, the Warner Bros. stable of classic characters will all be enjoying a new mode of expression via Ccilu’s role as Warner Bros.’ global exclusive EVA-based footwear partner, for all genders.


Technology has always been at the core of Ccilu footwear. The liberation through tech-savvy shoes started as a means to create a lighter shoe, and later to fuse fashion and function. Since then, Ccilu footwear technology has created a new benchmark, with core focus driven to improve wellness and balance, and now, sustainability.

In 2013, Ccilu embarked on a mission to create a shoe so light, you would feel like you are walking on a cloud. Introducing CCILUCELL: thanks to this eco-friendly technology, Ccilu shoes can weigh as little as 70 grams (compared to the 600 – 2,000 grams, the weight of most regular footwear).

SKIVE-ON launched in 2017 to put the function in fashionable footwear. Is “SKIVE-ON” a verb or a noun? It can be either, thanks to this technology, which offers insane flexibility. Each pair of shoes in Ccilu’s Horizon Collection is bottomed-up with 100+ completely independent and highly resilient “dots,” allowing us to take a major step in the evolution of the comfortable sneaker (shoe, boot, or sandal).

Never satisfied, Ccilu’s design team next sought to be your “all-weather” friend, by creating DIFFUSION – the antidote to heavy, thick, clunky winter boots. We took home some awards for this product, but the real fun was in seeing how much consumers loved it. This collection is even featured in the upcoming sci-fi web series, Moto Nostra. The show is about good tech vs bad tech. With DIFFUSION, it’s easy to see which side we are on.

It’s one thing to turn to traditional oriental medicine for answers; it’s quite another to make it wearable. In 2018, that’s exactly what Ccilu did with Stepping Stones, featuring acupressure pods that effectively improve circulation and wellness. We’ve named each of our three changeable insoles (Original, The Therapist, The Masseuse), because each serves a different function, from everyday comfort to pain relief and ongoing massage. Our 2018 honors from the Red Dot Awards (the largest and most renowned design competition in the world) are nice to put on our shelf, but the real win is seeing them on your feet and a smile on your face.

Ccilu’s latest tech venture proves you can enjoy your morning coffee – and help our planet – in a way you’ve never imagined. Ccilu’s new green tech is called XpreSole® , and, as announced in 2019 with an exclusive in Footwear News, this ambitious endeavor tackles the issue of roughly 25 billion kilos of spent coffee grounds that accumulate in landfills annually, emitting methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes greatly to global warming. XpreSole recycles the grounds into a soft, flexible shoe sole material that is comfortable, anti-odor and helps Mother Earth, not only by reducing waste, but also by offering an alternative to shoe soles made from petroleum rubber. Fittingly, XpreSole was acknowledged by the Red Dot awards with a 2019 Honorable Mention for Product Design.

Wilson Hsu
CEO. CCILU International Inc.

Then, there’s HeelioTech® : With the molded heel cavity (that perfectly accommodates the heel shape) and the seamless bralette material that delicately kisses the skin of your foot, the latest innovation from Ccilu treats your feet to a luxurious experience, with a locked-in fit and unparalleled comfort. Coupled with our award-winning Horizon outsoles, HeelioTech® offers the best expression of lightweight, flexible, cushioning, skid-proof, and anti-wear footwear.

What do you call it when each step provides pressure on a heel pump that circulates air throughout your shoe, releasing air at the toe, constantly taking in, circulating and pumping out air as you walk? We call it AirQlation® , the technology that debuted with the PGA TOUR Collection by Ccilu. Also featuring the ETPU insole technology, AirQlation® will allow you to experience the cool comfort of this new tech in both the formal and casual moments of your daily life.

World of Dance

When Ccilu USA first sponsored the World of Dance Winners Circle in 2017, we were supporting a live competition tour that dovetailed with our message of self-expression, individuality, and walking on air. “World of Dance” on NBC – starring J Lo, Jena Dewan, Derek Hough and NE-YO – turned a niche tour into a media behemoth, but the message is still the same: joy and music are universal. Ccilu USA and World of Dance have partnered for two more seasons; Ccilu is now global sponsor of the Winners Circle, covering dance lifestyle events in 25+ countries, spanning the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. The adventure is just beginning.

CCILU Philosophy


Step forward, give back. Each design, innovation and accolade must be complemented by compassion. In establishing Ccilu’s presence in the USA, one of our priorities was to align with outstanding charitable causes. With the donation of 100,000 pairs of new Ccilu shoes, as sponsor of the Soles4Souls Travel Program, Ccilu has given shoes to those in need in Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Guatemala, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Ccilu shoes have also been used in relief efforts here at home, helping hurricane victims in Texas and Puerto Rico. Our #StepForwardGiveBack initiative continues to expand, with annual gifts of new shoes to teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

CCILU Philosophy


Ccilu’s first product, 2011’s “Amazon Summer,” won the Silver Award of the Best Designed Products in the 72nd Tokyo International Gift Show. Our brand continued to innovate with its Horizon and Diffusion collections, taking the two top honors at Italy’s 2017 A’Design Awards, the world’s largest international design competition. The Stepping Stones sandal, from Ccilu Footwear and technological innovator Monique Rini, was honored with 2018’s Red Dot Design Award for Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories. In 2019, Ccilu was recognized once again by Red Dot, this time for its XpreSole technology, set to reduce the harmful effects of spent coffee grounds by recycling them into footwear. This ongoing commitment to style and structure spans the Ccilu Footwear brand and its licenses of top brands in Japan, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.